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New Lambs and Goats New Lambs and Goats New Lambs and Goats New Lambs and Goats Ms. Kristin Robinson kisses Ms. Maple, who prefers to lounge.
Club Directory


The Film Club discusses and watches movies and creates short films with other students at GHS. ON the last Saturday of every month, the Film Club will meet up at the GHS Theater and watch two movies with soda and popcorn brought by the officers. The officers will be responsible for cleaning up any mess in the GHS Theater or MR. Madden’s room. During the course of the entire year, the Film Club members will work together to create, edit, direct, and produce and act in shorts films and present them to a live audience on May 4th 2012.  

MEETINGS: Every Friday during lunch in room B-11 

Mustang Rowdy Crew

The Mustang Rowdy Crew, also known as “The Crew” is an energetic club for students that have a positive, fun spirited attitude and are all about promoting GHS Mustang spirit! Members of The Crew get Rowdy for GHS! We sport our school colors, paint our faces, make posters and are the loudest ones in the stands at GHS athletic events, rallies, school functions, and more! 

During the course of the year, Crew members will work together with the Cheerleaders and the Pep Band to motivate students, alumni and the community to cheer on GHS! Members of The Crew dedicate themselves to furthering the Spirit of GHS…it’s all about the G! Be a part of GHS Spirit & Tradition! Create lasting memories for years to come! Meet crazy, spirited people like yourself! Join the GHS Mustang Rowdy Crew!

Follow us online at 

MEETINGS: Wednesdays during lunch in room CE25 




Glee Club


Monday & Wednesday at lunch in D15

Thursday 3:15-4:30 in D15








Clubs at Centenniel Dedication

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