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GHS Mission Statement and ESLRs

Gilroy High School Mission Statement and ESLRs


Gilroy High School Mission Statement

The staff is committed to serving and promoting each student’s academic success, career aspirations, and personal/social development.  Our staff fosters a safe and caring environment where staff, parents/guardians and community members cooperate to provide an excellent education for our students.


Vision Statements


  • Every student will be a positive contributor and functional member of our school community
  • Every student will strive for proficiency on all standardized assessments.
  • Every student will be prepared for a college, career, vocational school or the military

Value Statements 


The staff values:

  • Every student
  • Parents as partners in education
  • High student achievement and accomplishment
  • Diversity
  • Contributions and commitments of teachers and all staff as educators
  • Trust, honesty, respect and timely communication with all members of the school community
  All students have the right to:
  • An excellent education, respectful and timely communication
  • The respect of self and others
  • A safe, non-threatening environment that is free from distractions
  • A clean and healthy campus
  All students are expected to:
  • Be on time to class, prepared to learn and strive for excellence
  • Be responsible for their choices and follow school rules at all times
  • Be aware of graduation requirements and post-graduate opportunities
  • Be polite, respectful and courteous at all times-Character Counts!

All parents are expected to:

  • Foster achievement by being involved with their student’s education
  • Be aware of graduation requirements and post-graduate opportunities
  • Have their student attend school regularly and on time
  • Encourage their student to do their very best
  • Maintain regular communication with school personnel and keep contact information current

Goal Statement

  • The school will meet AYP and API targets each year.
  • The school will have 100% of our students prepared for a college, career, vocational school, the military or public service by the time they graduate.

"Success is our option- the only option"