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Community Service Information
11-6 CS totals.jpg

Seniors with 80+ Community Service Hours

*** Josephine Sanchez *** Sofia Magana *** Alexis Chera *** Andy Garcia *** Julian Flores *** Angel Garcia *** Mariah Martinez *** Celestina Gomez *** Maylis Garay *** Joanna Hernandez *** Brenda Lee Rodriguez *** Kassandra PulidoRodriguez *** Juvanely Munoz *** Maykayla Galvan *** Nia Pollard *** Genevie Picazo Sanchez *** Robert Zepeda *** Adrian Alba *** Vanessa Marquez *** Yvreanna Polanco *** Nicole Holder *** Clara Cortes *** David Haller *** Robert Parraz *** Victoria Villarruel *** Javier Salinas *** Julisa Haro *** Karely DeLeon Gonzalez *** Lauriano Garcia Orozco *** Julio Villalobos *** Bryssa Chacon Gomez *** Ileana Garcia Jimenez *** Liz Beth Salazar Gonzalez *** Shai Vasquez *** Anthony Bollendorf *** David Garzon Guerrero *** William Soares *** Giavonna Pulido *** Jocelyn Plaza Arroyo *** Valeria UriarteCeja *** Angeles Cordova *** Daniel Gonzalez *** Brenda Ramos *** Faviola Barroso *** Gregorio Chavez *** Esteban Herrera *** Evelyn Sanchez Hernandez *** Samantha Asarias *** Eric Elia *** Sarai Sanchez *** Rowan Briggs *** Eric Elizondo *** Cecilia Leonardo *** Kimberly Potman *** Javier CabreraSalinas *** Morgan Howard *** Ariel Shelley *** Zachary Carroll *** Karen Gonzalez *** Mathew Griffith *** Julio Lopez Fuentes *** Ariane Lussier *** Stephanie Ruiz *** Pedro Tapia *** Derek Zepeda *** Ariel Shelley Zachary Carroll Karen Gonzalez Mathew Griffith Julio Lopez Fuentes Ariane Lussier Stephanie Ruiz Pedro Tapia Derek Zepeda

GHS Requirement for extra-curricular activities


# of Hours Completed by:

Class of:

Sept. 15, 2015

Jan. 15, 2016

May 1, 2016

















Prepare and Protect your City

Volunteers Needed to fill sandbags


When: Monday, Jan 18 9:00am-10:30am Activity #5001.315

                                       10:30am-Noon Activity #5001.316


Where: Chestnut Fire Station, 7070 Chestnut Street, Gilroy


Required: High School Age or older-All participants must preregister and parent or guardian must sign liability waivers Download Here- English-Spanish

Sign up at:  Search for the activity numbers above. Telephone registration also availble at 408-846--460 8:30am-4:30pm


Activity: Participants will shovel sand, fill, and stack bags for future use. Please wear long pants and closed toed shoes. Bring your signed liability waiver, shovel, gloves, and time sheet. Activity occurs rain or shine


For further information contact Susan Voss, Recreation Coordinator, 408-846-0460 or




After School Program seeks Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to assist the recreation staff at the City of Gilroy's After School Program at Solorsano Middle School.

Click Here for more information

GHS Athletic Department Seeks Volunteers

Help out at athletic Events and earn Community Service! 

Please contact Athletic Director Julie Berggren if you have questions.

Running Total

Class of 2016 17,071 Hours
Class of 2015 23,877 Hours
Class of 2014 27,457 Hours

Grand Total: 68,405 Hours

Hall of Fame

Hours   Name    Class of

749 Heffington Kyle 2014

672 Francisca Urias 2015

667 Erica Perez 2015

598 Victoria Rodriguez 2015

580 Johnson Bianca 2014

414 Villarreal Nicholas 2014

384 Carissa Jackson 2015

304 Alvarez Marisa 2014

279 Katrina Carter 2015

242 Marissa Mayorga 2015

233 Elizabeth Corral Lustre 2015

233 BecerraCanales Blanca 2014

225 Garcia Michael 2014

223 Loo Zachary 2014

222 Ariana Ornelas 2015

212 Michael Lasquete 2015

207 Ashley Bonesio 2015

201 DeAngelo Kamber 2015

200 Gabriela Martinez 2015

200 Marquez Mendoza Maria 2014

195 Sinaih Martinez 2015

195 Olmos Victor 2014

191 Buford Jacklyn 2014

185 Elizabeth Ayala Arredondo 2015

185 Leticia Ochoa 2015

180 Victor Daza 2015

174 Kachakji Bryan 2014

171 Brenna Keeler 2015

171 Magana Andrea 2014

169 Barrera Maribel 2014

167 Jesus OchoaVargas 2015

166 Gutierrez Miguel 2014

164 Ortega Felicia 2014

163 Fox Paul 2014

163 Pipkin Courtney 2014

162 Ana Carrillo 2015

161 MariaGuadalupe Lopez 2015

161 Devin Nguyen 2015

160 Darius AlexanderJones 2015


Assist the City of Gilroy

Help get the word out about water conservation!


Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department

Go to and follow the Volunteer Here link or call the Parks Volunteer Program Office at 408-355-2254 or email at

Ongoing Events

The Gilroy Center for the Arts 
7341 Monterey Street
often has community service opportunities
Stop by the College & Career Center and Talk to Dia Hoshida!

Gilroy Gardens

Opportunities Available year round!


Eva Trenberth 408-840-7140 



An all year activity with a multi-year commitment. For more information, contact 846-0460


Strorm Drain Stenciling

A great group activity that can be done all year round depending on the weather. For more information, contact 846-0460


Gilroy Demonstration Garden--7360 Eigleberry

Winter Hours: Wed and Fri 2-5pm and Sat 8:30-Noon. Tools and Gloves provided! All VOLUNTEERS are welcome and appreciated! More info:


Cuddly Critters, Hollister, CA

 Contact: Sue Foster 831-637-1336

Cleaning animal pens, changing bedding, scrubbing food bowls


Perfect Fit Equine Rescue

a rescue organization that gives new homes to unwanted/neglected horses

Contact: Laura 408-843-6382.


Town Cats

Morgan Hill

Weekly in the afternoons and evenings

Weekends 8-1/5-7