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We would love to add photos of our Hall of Fame Athletes in action. If you have any photos of our Hall of Fame Athletes please contact Athletic Director Jami Reynolds.  Photos can be submitted digitally or we will scan and return any photos provided.

Hall of Fame

Forever Mustangs

Hall of Fame Induction (2018)

CLASS OF 2018:

  1. Dushan (Dude) Angius, Jr.
  2. Jay Baksa
  3. Jesse Delgado
  4. Bria DeLorenzo
  5. Edwin Diaz
  6. Chris Gimenez
  7. Gena Sakahara Gonzales
  8. Chuck Ogle
  9. Michael MacDonald
  10. Sal Tomasello

Hall of Fame Nominations

To nominate someone for the Gilroy High School Athletic Hall of Fame 2019 submit via Google Forms link:


to Athletic Director Jami Reynolds at  


The criteria for nomination of an athlete:
     *The nominee must be out of high school for 7 (seven) years.
     *The nominee must have graduated from Gilroy High School.
     *Each nominee must have made a significant achievement in their sport. This may have taken place at the high school, 
      collegiate, professional or amateur level.
     *The accomplishment must be in a sport sponsored by the Athletic Department of Gilroy High School.

The criteria for nomination of individuals other than athletes:
     *Head varsity coaches must have been employed by Gilroy High School for a minimum of four years.
     *Athletic Directors must have been in the position for a minimum of five years.


Special Category – can encompass many different areas. The recipient must have made a significant contribution to the athletic department over an extended period of time.


Candidates cannot be currently employed at the position for which they are being nominated.


Criteria for nomination of a team - criteria is based on the team having attained a high level of success (including but not limited to league, section or state championship), or enhancing the reputation of Gilroy High School and its Athletic Department.


Dushan (Dude) Angius, Jr. (1942-1946) Athlete Football/Basketball/Track and Field
Jay Baksa (1998-2012) Coach Basketball/Volleyball
Jesse Delgado (2006-2010) Athlete Wrestling
Bria DeLorenzo (2000-2004) Athlete Softball
Edwin Diaz Jr. (1967-1971) Coach and Athlete Football
Chris Gimenez (1997-2001) Athlete Baseball/Basketball
Gena Sakahara Gonzales (1987-1991) Athlete Basketball/Badminton (1995-2001) Coach Basketball/Softball
Chuck Ogle (1981-2014) Coach Wrestling/Football
Michael MacDonald (1980-1984) Athlete Basketball
Sal Tomasello (1975-2000) Coach/Athletic Director

Ernesto Salinas (1994-1998) Athlete Track and Field
Sarah Caudle (1995-1999) Athlete Softball
Mike Chaffee (1981-1985) Athlete Soccer
Don Delorenzo (1972-1976) Athlete Golf
Stacie Haro (1983-1987) Athlete Track and Field

Charles Buck (1943-1947) Athlete Track/Baseball
Joe Vogel (1943-1947) Athlete All Sports

John Salgado (1986-1990) Athlete Baseball
Jack Rocca (1931-1935) Athlete All Sports

Julian Aguilar (1953-1957) Athlete Football
Richard Kretz (1950-1954) Athlete Football/Track
Bob Mazzuca (1952-1956) Athlete Football
Tony Vigna (1950-1954) Athlete Basketball/Baseball
Ron Jones (1964-1997) Coach Golf/Football/Basketball

Dennis Castro (1987-1991) Athlete Baseball
Bob Harrison (1952-1956) Athlete Football
Bert Mar (1961-1965) Athlete Wrestling
Sergio Mar (1989-1993) Athlete Wrestling
Alice Sakahara (1952-2000) Fan Community Booster
Frank Tomasello (1965-1969) Athlete Baseball

Albert Bustillos (1982-1986) Athlete Baseball
April Currie (1990-1994) Athlete All-Around
Rachelle Currie (1987-1991) Athlete All-Around
Tracy Day (1983-1987) Athlete Football/Soccer
Jeff Garcia (1984-1988) Athlete Football
Ron Leonti (1952-1956) Athlete Football/Basketball
Robin Medley (1965-1969) Athlete All-Around

Donna Ashmore (1960-1993) Coach All Sports
Derek Bruton (1981-1985) Athlete Basketball
Rhonda Chaffee (1983-1987) Athlete All-Around
Don Christopher Community Booster
Val Filice Community Booster
Janice Lane (1965-1969) Athlete All-Around
Rae-Anne Yip (1989-1993) Athlete All-Around


Bob Hagen (1950-1977) Coach Basketball
Art Baxter (1944-1973) Coach All Sports
Avis Kelley (1964-1989) Coach Track
Al Hughes (1956-1989) Coach Tennis
Nina Edwards (1967-1991) Coach Field Hockey
Bob Stuckey (1959-1963) Athlete Basketball
Dick Smith (1955-1959) Athlete Basketball
Bino Chiado (1935-1939) Athlete Track
Jim Fahey (1952-1956) Athlete Football
Paul Latzke (1956-1960) Athlete Football
Bob Kampa (1965-1969) Athlete Football
Frank LaCorte (1965-1969) Athlete Baseball
Kordell Baker (1983-1987) Athlete Wrestling
Carmen Filice Community Booster
Jim Pray Community Booster